Thursday, April 29, 2010

Top 10 reasons to go for Visual Studio 2010

Quickly interpret your code: The new code editor makes it easy to zoom in on your code, highlight method references, and overlay powerful features.

Create rich user experiences: Use new visual designers for Windows Presentation Foundation and Silverlight™ to target Windows® 7 and the Web.

Customize Visual Studio to fit your style: Key IDE enhancements–including support for multiple monitors and improved readability–that make the familiar environment even more productive.

Use your existing skills:
SharePoint development, including tooling for Web Parts, Lists, Workflows, Events and more, bring great new customized collaboration tools to your company.

MSDN subscriptions: With Visual Studio 2010 MSDN subscriptions, you have access to specified servers and clients for development and test purposes, in addition to all the other MSDN subscription benefits such as support resources, Windows® Azure™ compute hours, learning tools, and high quality information resources.

Database Development Made Easy (Premium):
Apply the same life-cycle tools to your database code and your application code. This includes offline development of database schema, use of source code control to persist versioned schema information, participation in Agile methodologies and use of the associated work items.

Identify Test Impact from Code Changes (Premium): Test Impact Analysis provides a list of recommended tests to run after code changes are made. Developers know immediately which tests are impacted by a given change and testers know which tests to run to verify a given build.

Understand Existing Architectures (Ultimate):
The Architecture Explorer and UML sequence diagrams help you explore and understand your existing code assets and their inter-dependencies.

IntelliTrace™ Eliminates ‘No Repro’ (Ultimate): Easily step through code that was previously executed on the same or another machine in order to identify what happened during the code execution and significantly cut down on time spent reproducing a bug.

Prototype Ideas Quickly (Ultimate):
With Sketch Flow in Expression Studio you can quickly deliver a functioning prototype that looks and feels like handwritten mock-ups.

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